• Woman accused of stealing dog after impersonating Pittsburgh police officer


    PITTSBURGH - A warrant is out for the arrest of a woman who allegedly impersonated a Pittsburgh police officer and stole a dog after claiming to be with Animal Friends.

    Lisa Patterson, 41, of Friendship, is accused of stealing a dog from Jackie Denson’s yard.

    The dog, Blade, was a Mother’s Day gift from Denson’s son.

    Denson, who lives in Homewood, said Patterson came to her home in June claiming to be an officer.

    “She said she worked for Animal Friends and had a complaint that I’m mistreating my dog,” said Denson.

    According to Denson, Patterson told her she faced a fine of $300, and when she came home the next day, Blade was gone. Denson then went to the humane society, where she found Blade, whose tail had been mutilated and required amputation.

    Denson was told a woman brought Blade in after finding him in Wilkinsburg.

    Police said the woman was Patterson, who had called the humane society claiming to be a Pittsburgh police officer.

    Blade died two week later, Denson said.

    “I think he suffered because of her,” she said. “I’m more angry now. I want to know why she did it.”

    According to court records, Patterson calls herself an animal vigilante.

    “You do not take matters into your own hands. Call the police, that’s what we do,” said Officer Christine Luffey.

    Patterson faces charges of impersonating a public servant, theft and receiving stolen property.

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