• Woman held at gunpoint during burglary; Police say friend set her up


    RUFFS DALE, Pa. - A Ruffs Dale woman was held at gunpoint during a burglary, and police believe her friend set her up.
    Looking down the barrel of a gun, 62-year-old Sandy Tarr thought about her family.
    "I've got five kids and 15 grandkids, all these great grandkids. And I'm like, ‘Am I going to die tonight?  Am I ever going to see my kids again?’" Tarr said.
    She didn't lose her life, but the masked man who burst through her front door wanted everything else.
    “He said, ‘Give me your medication.  Give me everything.  I want your wallet, your money, everything,’” said Tar.
    She said a friend visiting said, “Sandy, give it to him. I don’t want to die.”
    The masked man took her wallet, her phone and her recently filled prescriptions.  Tarr said when he left, her friend ran after the man and never came back.  She quickly put two and two together, she said.
    Investigators believe the friend was the masked man's accomplice.  Tarr can't believe someone who has known her for the last three years would betray her.
    "How can somebody be your friend, and he knows my health situation, set me up like that?" she said.  "He always seemed like he was so interested in my health, telling me to take care of myself and let him know if there's anything he can ever do for me.  I just feel broken inside."

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