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Woman robbed at gunpoint: ‘It was right in the middle of my eyes'



PITTSBURGH - A woman who was robbed at gunpoint was able to help police arrest the two teenage suspects, officials said.

According to police, the victim told authorities she went to visit a friend’s apartment on Crucible Street Monday night just before 9 p.m. when two men rushed her.

“They came out of the stairwell and asked me for my phone. All of a sudden, another guy came out and put a gun to my head and said, ‘Give me all your money and phone,’” the victim said.

Investigators said the woman didn’t have a phone so the suspects, later identified as 19-year-old Ladale Coles and 18-year-old Dakwan Bratcher, took her cash and credit card.

“I watched them run back up the steps and I kind of went back up to see where they went,” the woman told Channel 11’s Vince Sims.

Police said the woman was able to give detectives a description of both men and the apartment that they ran in to.

“Don’t try to be a hero and just do what they tell you to do. Take care of what you have to take care of, like calling the police, later,” the woman said.

Sims (@VinceWPXI) asked the woman what was going through her mind.

“(The gun) was right in the middle of my eyes,” she said. “I was just shocked because I’ve never had to deal with anything like that up here.”

According to police, officers found the cash but not the credit card or gun.

Coles and Bratcher face preliminary hearings Feb. 11.