• Woman takes in one of Allegheny County's most wanted fugitives, doesn't know it


    PITTSBURGH - One of Allegheny County's most wanted fugitives is in custody.
    Police said Jeffrey Schrott robbed two banks in a few days, and only Channel 11 has learned where he was while police were trying to find him.
    “’I would never let you be on the street.’  He was more than welcome to come to my home,” said Hannah Szuch.
    Last week, Schrott sent Szuch a text message, saying he was homeless and hungry.
    She hadn’t seen her high school friend in years, she said.
    “I let him take a shower and gave him a shirt to wear because he had a dirty shirt.  While he was in the shower, I made him dinner."
    Szuch didn't know was that Schrott was named one of Allegheny County's most wanted fugitives.
    Investigators said Schrott robbed the First Niagara Bank in Coraopolis on July 10 and the Citizens Bank inside the South Side Giant Eagle on July 13.   In between, he stayed with Szuch, they said.
    “I had waitressed for seven hours, and he had took all the money I made that day,” said Szuch.
    Szuch called police, and they came looking for Schrott.
    “I looked out the back window and saw two police officers on the deck with guns drawn, and he said, the nicest way I can put it is, ‘Get the hell inside,’” said neighbor Ryan Kelleher.
    Police said in both bank robberies, Schrott gave notes to the tellers that said, “I have a gun.  Give me 100s and 50s with no dye-packs and no one will get hurt.”

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