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Woman's apartment overtaken with mold



PITTSBURGH - A woman contacted Channel 11 News asking for help getting help with her apartment she said was overtaken by mold.

Brenda Purter told Channel 11’s Timyka Artist that she and her young daughter can no longer stay in her Allegheny Dwellings apartment because of the mold.

Purter said they haven’t stayed in the unit for two months, but she continues to pay rent.

According to Purter, the mold has appeared in multiple areas and even made her daughter sick.

She said she called the property manager several times, but nothing happened.

“I think I should get my money back and all my items that need replaced,” Purter said.

The Housing Authorities told Channel 11 News it will cover the cost of moving Purter and her daughter. It’s also looking into where the water is coming from and if it’s affecting other apartments.