• Husband finds wife's body in river after she didn't come back from walking dog


    WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. - A man pulled his wife’s body from the Monongahela River in Washington County Wednesday night.

    Police said they are working to determine how the woman ended up in the water.

    The body was discovered near Vesta Seven Road in Centerville shortly after 7 p.m.  Police identified the woman as Peggy Redmond, of Brownsville. 

    Redman’s husband of 27 years, Keith Redman, told Channel 11 News that his wife left their home to take her dog for a walk, but after an hour she didn’t return, so he went looking for her.

    Redman said he followed the path his wife usually walks with the dog and found her in the water face down, with their dog right by her side.

    “He’s a special dog. He’s a little rambunctious, but he’s faithful. He didn’t leave her side,” Redman said.

    He added that his wife recently had health problems, but this incident was unexpected

    “She was a great person. I loved her with all my life and all my heart,” Redman said. “I’m going to miss her real bad.”

    He said his wife spent more than a decade volunteering for the American Red Cross.

    “She said one time, ‘All these people were hurting. Why doesn’t somebody do something?’ So she joined and started volunteering.” Redman said. “She went to Katrina, Florida, San Diego, wild fires and Buffalo.”

    Authorities said they’re hoping an autopsy can reveal more about Peggy Redman’s death.

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