• Funeral services held for Woodland Hills teen killed in skateboarding accident


    FORREST HILLS, Pa. - Funeral services will be held Wednesday for a Woodland Hills teenager who died from a head injury after falling off a skateboard.

    Henry Woodhall, 16, died Sunday after several days of being in a coma. His family members said he fell off his skateboard in the Chalfont neighborhood last Thursday. Woodhall was not wearing a helmet.

    “Let your mom and dad know you love them. The days he said he loved us and I said it too, those were gifts. You don’t know how big they are to your parents,” Woodhall’s parents, Dale and Max, said.

    Woodhall’s parents said his last good act was wanting to become an organ donor when he turned 16.

    “I’ll take credit for some of his goodness, but a lot of it came from here. He had a huge heart. It’s so good he gave it away so someone else could live,” his parents said.

    According to his friends, Woodhall, who was an only child, wanted to become an EMT.

    "He really wanted to try. He really wanted to help people. I thought he'd grow up and get into the EMS business," said friend James Regan.

    Family members said Woodhall's heart went to a young girl from Illinois.

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