• Work stopped at Ingram construction site for asbestos testing


    PITTSBURGH - By the 1970s and 1980s, asbestos was largely phased out of building construction materials.

    Now, when those homes or businesses that were made before then are demolished, there are guidelines workers must follow because of huge health risks.

    The owner of a construction site in Ingram was told to stop all work until what’s on top of the building is tested for cancer-causing asbestos.

    The family two houses down from the site called Channel 11 to get answers.

    Richard Reynolds lives on Middletown Road and is worried about a potential health risk. 

    Reynolds, who worked in construction for years, said he believes the beige shingles being removed from the top of the building contain asbestos.

    “I’m 90 percent sure it’s asbestos,” he said.

    On Friday, the building inspector ordered that work be stopped until testing was completed.

    “Yesterday, I saw a gentleman on the roof in the back with no protection – just a dusk mask on.  He’s probably not going to say anything because he needs his job, but he is jeopardizing his health,” said Reynolds.

    Testing will take a few days.

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