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Worker finally gets paid with help of Target 11



PITTSBURGH - Target 11 has been following this story for months. We started getting calls in July, from angry home health care workers who hadn't been paid. Since then, Consumer Investigator Robin Taylor told us most, but not all of the problems have been resolved.

I can't imagine going nearly three months without a paycheck, so I’ve been trying to help people who haven't been paid by Christian Financial Management.  I've helped them with forms.  I've sent their information to the welfare department, yet some of them still haven’t been paid.

So I decided to take a different approach.  I went to their offices with Rhonda Hamilton, a care giver who hasn't been paid since July 15th.  We didn’t get warm reception.

"I'm asking you guys to please leave.  Just leave.  Please.  Everybody's being paid.  Please leave," said Corey Christian, one of the owners of Christian Financial Management.

Clearly everyone hasn't been paid. 

Rhonda is a care giver for a disabled man.  The money to pay her comes from the welfare department and is distributed by Christian Financial.  They’ve received the state and federal funds, but have had difficulty verifying who the workers are that should be paid.

The problems began in July, when Christian Financial Management, a small Pittsburgh company, began processing payroll for more than 2,000 new workers, after several payroll processing companies quit. 

The office was overwhelmed with paperwork and the welfare department had to send in nearly a dozen workers to help out, because thousands of care givers weren’t getting paid.

Most of those problems have been resolved, but there are workers, like Rhonda, who have fallen through the cracks.  Fortunately, she came out of the office with some good news.

"I am so happy," said Hamilton.  In her hands were five missing paychecks.  "I can go home and deposit these and pay my bills," said Hamilton.

Off-camera, Corey Christian told me, “We’ve made great strides.  Thousands of people are getting paid.  We’re dealing with these situations on a case-by-case basis.”

If you still haven't been paid by Christian Financial Management, you can email them at  The office of long-term living is monitoring in-coming emails.

By now, each client should have received a caseworker and a phone number to call.  If you haven’t, you should reach out to Christian Financial Management.  Their office is at 801 Vinial Street in Pittsburgh.