• Wounded Warrior Project comes to Pittsburgh this weekend


    PITTSBURGH - Retired Air Force Staff Sgt. Ashley Crites and fellow alumni from the Wounded Warrior Project are meeting in Pittsburgh this weekend for the Soldier Ride Cycle Program, which brings together injured servicemen and women from across the country.

    “I love the Wounded Warrior Project. It honestly has saved my life,” said Crites. "We have a connection that is just completely unspoken, and then, when we get to sharing stories, you realize that the PTSD is not just me or this issue is not just me. A lot of other people have the same problems."

    The Wounded Warrior Project covers the cost for transportation and lodging plus bikes are donated.

    "It means a lot to me. I get to ride with my fellow veterans and just get out of the house and actually get to do something after my injury and still have meaning to life and a purpose for life and know that my life still goes on after being injured," said Richard Massamino, Sgt. USMC.

    Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, the group will ride around the Golden Triangle, attend a Pirates game, and cycle and kayak at Morraine State Park.

    For the soldiers, airmen and Marines taking part in the ride, they said it isn’t about the ride itself, but rather the camaraderie, understanding and the friendships.

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