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WPXI viewer replaces iPad stolen form boy with Down syndrome


PITTSBURGH - Just before Christmas, Channel 11 News told you about a home break-in in Charleroi where the thieves stole the iPad of a boy with Down syndrome.

Elijah, 6, used the iPad to communicate with his family.

After his story aired, emails and phone calls came pouring into the WPXI newsroom. Erik Waksmunski, of Allentown, was one of those people who called.

He said he’s the father of twin 3-year-old girls, who also have Down syndrome and he wanted to help.

“I enjoyed the ride coming out here knowing that I was going to help. It felt great,” Waksmunski said.

Elijah’s family said they were shocked by the outpouring support, and is thankful for Waksmunski’s generous gift.