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#WPXIOlympics: Figure skating terminology


SOCHI - Axel jump - One of the most difficult jumps, which takes off from the forward outside edge and is landed on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. The jump is named for its inventor, Axel Paulson. It is the only jump that takes off from a forward position.

Camel spin - A spin on one leg with the non-skating leg, or free leg, extended backward with knee higher than hip level.

Features - Additions that make elements more difficult and increase the base value.

Loop jump - An edge jump, taken off from a back outside edge and landed on the same back outside edge.

Lutz jump - A toe-pick-assisted jump in which the skater glides backward on a wide curve, taps his toe pick into the ice and rotates in the opposite direction of the curve. The jump is named for its inventor, Alois Lutz.

Overhead lifts - The group of pair lifts in which one of both of the man’s arms are fully extended as he holds his partner overhead. The man does not let go of his partner during the lift, except momentarily during changes in her position or during the dismount.

Salchow - Another edge jump taken off from the back inside edge of one foot and landed on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. Created by Ulrich Salchow.

Toe loop - A toe-pick-assisted jump that takes off and lands on the same back outside edge.

Twizzle - A traveling turn on one foot with one or more rotations, which is quickly rotated with a continuous action. The weight remains on the skating foot with the free foot in any position during the turn, and then is placed beside the skating foot to skate the next steps.

Information courtesy of the U.S. Figure Skating Association.