• Man drowns in freak accident after his car hits a fire hydrant

    VIERA, Fla. - A simple fender bender in Florida ended up costing a man his life.
    Witnesses said an elderly man accidentally hit a fire hydrant.  The driver, Robert Dreyer, seemed OK at first. Then witnesses said as soon as he stepped out of the car, the ground gave way under him.
    Dreyer immediately dropped into a five- or six-foot hole.
    "The water pressure was so strong that it sucked him in and pulled him into the hole," said Pedro Rodriquez.
    Water from the fire hydrant gushed out with such force that it reached palm trees a half a block away.
    Edward Cunningham tried to rescue Dreyer, but said the water pressure was so strong that the water pushed Dreyer down as it forced his 220-pound body upward.
    The water was turned off in about five minutes, but not soon enough to save Dreyer's life.
    Dreyer died on his 89th birthday.

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