• Meteorologist Scott Harbaugh's marathon weather update


    PITTSBURGH - Runners, on you mark.  This year's Pittsburgh marathon promises to be the best race weather we've had in a few years in Pittsburgh. 

    Sunshine will actually be the biggest issue as most of race day will have very little cloud cover.  Temperatures will start in the mid 50s as runners take off from downtown Pittsburgh.  Sun will quickly warm the air up into the lower 60s by 9am and into the upper 60s by noon.  The forecast for the day calls for sunshine, a few clouds and a high of 74 degrees.

    Despite sunshine and above normal temperatures, humidity should not be a problem for race day.  Dew points will be very comfortable in the 40s allowing runner to cool naturally without the heavy, muggy feel of the air the last few days.  Wind will be light and out of the northeast about 5 mph for the start of the race.  By noon wind will be up to about 10 mph, but it can feel gustier in between the tall buildings downtown.

    Stretch, hydrate, pace yourself and good luck in this year's Pittsburgh Marathon.

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