• Mom threatens to sue school district over 'offensive' graduation dress code letter


    BIGLERVILLE, Pa. - A parent is threatening to sue a school district in Pennsylvania because of a letter sent home with students about the dress code for graduation.

    Bri Burtop is a senior in Biglerville, which is in the eastern part of Pennsylvania.

    "They say choose modest attire. No belly showing. Keep the girls covered and supported, which really bothered me," Burtop said. "They also said that they don't want to be looking at our sausage rolls. And as you get dressed you should remember you can't put ten pounds of mud into a five pound bag."

    Her mother, Jessica Burtop, is threatening to sue for sexual harassment.

    "Make sure your girls are put away, excuse me, if you're professional you're going to say breasts," she told WHP.

    The Upper Adams School District said in a statement the document was drafted years ago and contained "unfortunate word choices." The statement went on to say the letter does not reflect the district’s high standards.

    Jessica Burtop wants a direct apology, and the handout to be taken out of circulation.

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