Posted: 7:19 a.m. Monday, Oct. 21, 2013

Dad mocks daughter's temper tantrum in viral video

By Joe Kelley

News 96.5 - Orlando

A dad mocking his daughter's temper tantrum in a YouTube video has gained a quickly growing audience, with more than 826,000 views. 

The video was posted to YouTube by Kathy Sterner, who writes:

My 6 year old daughter had been in her room wigging out for about an hour, and there was no talking her down. I was getting fed up, so my husband decided to lighten the mood.

For the record, she's not typically a beast child - she's actually a pretty awesome little kid who was having a rough day. 

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As the Daily Mail explains: The video consists of Ms Sterner’s husband standing in their kitchen reacting and lip-synching along to the screams of his daughter in the next room.

The unnamed daughter can be heard screaming ‘Mom listen to me!’ while her father seeks to lighten the mood for the rest of the family by reacting to her squeals of annoyance.

 Joe Kelly is the morning news host for radio station News 96.5 in Orlando

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