• No backpacks allowed at Ramsey Elementary after kindergartner allegedly brought gun to school


    MONROEVILLE, Pa. - More than 1,000 students showed up at Ramsey Elementary School without their backpacks on Thursday.  About two dozen students brought their backpacks, and their parents were called to come and pick up the bags.
    The security measure was put into place hours after police said a kindergartner brought a loaded gun to school Wednesday.
    “The superintendent made the decision to ban backpacks and any type of bag you can’t see through,” said Cara Zanella of the Gateway School District.
    “I’m not too thrilled about it, but if that’s what they got to do, that’s what they got to do.  My daughter is not happy that she’s carrying all of her books,” said parent Sarah Puharic.
    The mother of the boy who allegedly brought the gun to school, Stephanie Roth, 31, has been charged with reckless endangering another person, endangering the welfare of a child and possession of drug paraphernalia.
    Monroeville Police Chief Doug Cole said the boy immediately turned over the gun after he realized he brought it to school.
    Authorities said they believe the child didn’t know the gun was in his backpack until he saw it at school.
    “The child was brought to the office, along with the weapon, police were called, and everything else continued in school as it was because there was no reason to do anything differently. There was no danger at that point,” said Gateway Regional Superintendent Dr. Nina Zetty.

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