• Officers testify in trial of 3 men accused of stabbing Steelers' Adams


    PITTSBURGH -  The trial for three men accused of stabbing Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Adams continued Friday.
    Two officers who responded to the incident testified Adams appeared disoriented, nervous and had to be convinced that he needed to go the hospital.
    Michael Paranay, Dquay Means and Jerrell Whitlock are charged with counts ranging from conspiracy to attempted homicide.
    Veteran Detective Robert Shaw testified that both Adams and one of the co-defendants identified Dquay Means as the person who initiated the South Side assault in a robbery attempt.
    The defense team has tried to discredit those accounts by suggesting Adams provoked the incident following an argument.
    Adams told the jury that Means threatened to shoot him in face if he didn't give up his car.  After that, he said he was punched and then stabbed by the two co-defendants.

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