• Paintball gun fired at people in Pittsburgh's California-Kirkbride neighborhood


    PITTSBURGH - A paintball gun was fired at people in Pittsburgh’s California-Kirkbride neighborhood Tuesday.

    “You never know.  When you here, ‘click, click, click,’ you never know,” said Rob Eberhardt.

    Eberhardt said he was working outside a home on North Charles Street when the paintball gun was fired.  Two women were standing outside the home as well, he said.

    The paintball left an orange mark on the home.

    Neighbors said someone kept firing and hit a man in the back down the street.

    “I was standing in the doorway, and I saw a couple guys almost hit my porch.  Police where right behind them,” said a witness who didn’t want to be identified.

    Police said they found a box of paintball guns and paintballs inside a vehicle, but the men managed to get away.

    “It’s a terrible thing because suppose some little kid gets hit in the eye with them and it puts his eye out.  It’s not good,” said Eberhardt.

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