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Penguins season ticket holders given options after lockout announcement



PITTSBURGH - Since hockey isn’t being played right now because of the lockout, Channel 11 wanted to check in with Pittsburgh Penguins season ticket holders to see how it’s affecting them.

“One day I feel for the owners, and the next day I feel for the players,” said Walt Willoughby.

Willoughby has been a season ticket holder for about eight years.

He said the Pens contacted him quickly about the lockout.

“Shorty after the lockout place was announced, the payment plan stopped, and we got a letter giving us options,” said Willoughby. 

Season tickets holders can get a full refund for any canceled games, payments they have made can go toward future games or they can get 1.5 percent simple interest on their money if they paid in full and want the payment to carry over until next season.

"I think it's fair. Instead of them just saying, ‘This is what we are going to do,’ they have put the options out there, and I think they are pretty liberal options. I think they handle it well," Willoughby said.

Fans remain hopeful that there will be a season.  If a deal is reached this week, hockey players could still play a full season.