• Pennsylvania gas taxes rise 8 cents to start new year


    HARRISBURG, Pa. - If you're trying to save money in the new year, you're not going to accomplish that at the gas pumps. A new tax increased gas by 8 cents a gallon. 

    The increase solidifies Pennsylvania as home to the highest combined gas tax in the country. Between state and federal taxes, drivers pay nearly 70 cents per gallon. 

    Monday, gas prices ranged from $2.63 on the South Side to $2.69 in Monroeville. AAA says a good portion of the state could see prices of $3 a gallon as early as April. 

    The last time gas hit the $3 mark in Pittsburgh was summer of 2015. 

    This is third and final step in the gradual gas tax increases that are part of a 2013 state law. The increases are supposed to raise billions to improve bridges, highways and other transportation modes. Some of the money will also go toward the Pennsylvania State Police.

    The law that was passed under Republican Gov. Tom Corbett also imposed a range of higher fees on motorists.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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