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Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle speaks at Franklin Regional's baccalaureate ceremony



What do you say to a graduating class of students who have seen and been forced to respond to situations that many adults never even encounter? Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle seemed to know.

Hurdle spoke at the school’s baccalaureate ceremony Thursday night – the night before 500 Frankling Regional High School students were set to graduate.

Hurdle’s words moved the students, their families and their friends , The year was changed when a fellow student went on a stabbing rampage in April.  Twenty students and a security guard were hurt.

“You’re ready for the world, having lived through what you just lived through,” Hurdle said.

Hurdle went on to talk about his faith, the students’ future and their bravery during the April attack inside the school.

"Leaders respond.  Others stand up and follow.  And I'm sure on April 9th you had a tremendous group of leadership, people that stood up, split- second decisions and moved forward.  I'm proud of you.  I'm proud of us,” said Hurdle.

Hurdle ended his speech reassuring the students that God is and will always be looking over them.

Franklin Regional High School’s commencement ceremony is Friday night.