• Pittsburgh's Lauryn Williams nicknamed ‘wildebeest' by U.S. women's bobsledders


    SOCHI, Russia -  

    The U.S. women’s bobsled team is made up of DragonE MoneyHoney BadgerJWowwStorm and Wildebeest.

    They are the “wolfpack,” a term dropped by push athlete Aja Evans (Storm) in a Jan. 19 teleconference announcing the U.S. Olympic Team.

    Jamie Greubel is Dragon, Elana Meyers is E Money, Jazmine Fenlator is JWoww, Lolo Jones is Honey Badger and Lauryn Williams is Wildebeest.

    “We’ve developed a tight bond and a wolfpack type of mentality,” Evans said Monday. “We all go out there. We all fight. We all grind it out and work hard for what we want, but at the same time we have every single person’s back. We don’t leave no man behind.”

    Read more about the nicknames of the U.S. women’s bobsledders here.

    Williams is a Pittsburgh native and has competed in the Summer Olympic Games three times as a sprinter.

    Matt Laure interviewed Williams alongside her teammates on Monday’s “Today Show” from Sochi.





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