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Police: Clerk Helps Man Stage Robbery At New Stanton Gas Station


NEW STANTON, Pa.,None - Police said a clerk helped a friend stage a robbery at a New Stanton gas station.

Investigators said Jacob Connelly robbed a Sunoco and paid the clerk, Joshua Sims, $30 for helping him.

"The clerk, at the time, had conspired with Mr. Connelly to come in, stage a robbery, at which time the clerk would give all the money to the person who was pretending to rob him," said Trooper Stephen Limani.

Investigators said Connelly used a knife and pushed Sims around before taking money.

Police said Sims agreed to the theft and told Connelly to "beat him up a little" to make the robbery appear real.

Police said Connelly was charged after he was heard talking about the armed robbery.

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