• Police: Woman crashes into car, throws punches in Baldwin road rage incident


    BALDWIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A mother and her daughter, 18, were caught up in a violent case of road rage on their way home from a supermarket in Baldwin Township last week.

    The incident ended with a crash and one driver punching the mother and daughter in their faces, police said.

    “She just punched me right here in the eye,” said teenager Michelle Zalavary-Gorski. "The officer even said she could have a gun or a knife.  It never even entered my mind."

    Police said Amanda Petrelli, 29, tailgated the victims last week.

    “I could not see her headlights in my rear-view mirror.  That’s how close she was,” said Zalavary-Gorski.

    Zalavary-Gorski said words were exchanged, and then Petrelli intentionally collided with her car.

    “There’s damage to the headlight mount,” said Zalavary-Gorski.

    Police said Petrelli was using her car as a weapon after they arrived at the scene.  They said she put it in reverse and tried to run down Zalavary-Gorski and a neighbor.

    Petrelli faces multiple offenses, including assault and DUI. Police also charged her with possession of marijuana.

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