• Possible Bus Changes Due To Deadly Crashes

    PITTSBURGH,None - Major changes to buses may be in the works after recent deadly crashes .

    In March, a bus crash in New York City killed 14 people.

    In February, a bus crash killed 15 people in New Jersey.

    Now United States senators are debating on a new law requiring all passenger bus riders wear seat belts.

    The law would also require newer, stronger windows and roofs on all buses to protect passengers in rollover wrecks.

    "Lots of people's lives will be saved, and lots of people who would've suffered severe injury, paralysis, won't," Sen. Sherrod Brown said.

    A spokesperson from the nation's bus industry said a series of tests are needed before these changes can be made.

    They estimate it would cost nearly $90,000 per bus to make the changes.

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