• Ringgold High School: 'Tarzan'


    Ringgold High School will perform 'Tarzan' this year.
    Show dates:
    March 6, 2014 7:00pm
    March 7, 2014 7:00pm
    March 8, 2014 2:00pm
    Advanced tickets for TARZAN will be on sale at Ringgold High School, in the back of the auditorium Monday - Thursdays from 3-5 pm, Fridays 3-4 pm and Saturdays 11 am-2 pm. Reserved seating is $8 per person and General Admission is $5 per person. General Admission tickets will be also be sold at the door starting 1 hour before show time for each performance.

    Cast List:

    Sarah Krempasky -Kala
    John Ermlick - Kerchak
    Zack Mendola - Tarzan
    Tori Sevick - Jane
    Lakisha Dunmeyer - Terk
    Olivia Warner - Terk
    Ben Hoffman - Young Tarzan
    Haley Hoffman - Young Terk
    Neil Hancock - Tarzan's Father
    Maggie Bocella - Tarzan's Mother
    Ethan Frankfort - Porter
    Jared Cummings - Clayton
    Matt Toland - Snipes
    Allison Martin - Leopard
    Renee Ford - Mother Ape
    Abby Lewis - Mother Ape
    Jason Beck - Father Ape
    Olivia Warner - Juvenile Ape (Ring Leader)
    Maya Hite - Juvenile Ape
    Amanda Berardelli - Juvenile Ape
    Bethany VanBibber - Juvenile Ape
    Kim VanBibber - Juvenile Ape
    Carly Franks - Juvenile Ape
    Allison Martin - Juvenile Ape
    Lauren Suppo - Juvenile Ape
    Jen Bickel -Juvenile Ape
    Allison Martin - Dancer
    Lauren Suppo - Dancer
    Jen Bickel - Dancer
    Gabrielle Hollander - Dancer
    Katie Chuahong - Dancer
    Bethany VanBibber - Dancer
    Kim VanBibber - Dancer
    Carly Franks - Dancer
    Katie Chuahong - Safari Crew
    Dallas Jericho - Safari Crew
    Alize Gernot - Young Ape
    Ashley Ukasik - Young Ape
    Ashlee Jones - Young Ape
    Kelly St.Cyr - Young Ape
    Steven Glaneman - Young Ape
    Mark Carr - Young Ape
    Nadia Reyna - Young Ape
    Shannon Callihan - Young Ape
    Jocelyn Stoffel - Young Ape
    Nicole Keyock - Young Ape
    Jada Cathers - Young Ape
    Ben Hoffman - Young Ape
    Jen Bickel - Ocean Waves
    Gabrielle Hollander - Ocean Waves
    Katie Chuahong - Ocean Waves
    Ethan Frankfort - Ocean Waves

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