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Seton-La Salle: 'Jesus Christ Superstar'


Seton-La Salle Catholic High School will be presenting "Jesus Christ Superstar" on March 14, 15 and 16,  7:30 p.m.  

Tickets are $8 each, reserved seating.  

Tickets may be ordered in advance, forms are on the school website at

The Director and Choreographer  - Valerie Gigliotti

Music and Orchestra Director - Adam Heald

Technical Director - Jordan Lippert


Judas                     Connor Leach

Jesus                     Tom Kalnas

Mary Magdelyn       Claire Tullius

Pilate                     Andrew Lease

Harod                     Peter Latore


Apostles                 Emily Hutchinson                          

                              Ryan Trivus                                        

                              Ryan Lucas

                              Brianne Colligan

                              Kailyn Martino

                              Rachel Ellis

                              Jillian Lesaca

                              Leo Wilson


Priests/Pharisees     Sarah Wray                                     

                               Michael Kalnas                                     

                               Jena Grgurich

                               Molly McGonigle

                               Kevin Hayes



Ensemble                Katie Bench                                     

                              Nicholas Bono

                              Hannah Carroll                           

                              Nicole Colligan                                      

                              Emily Columbus                                    

                              Jordan Denk

                              Lacey Gigliotti

                              Kristen Haas

                              Julia Koltas

                              Emily Nedzesky

                              Erin Skiff

                              Moira Stuart

                              Olivia Tiani

                              Shaokong Yuan

                              Elise Zeilinski