9 dogs removed from Fayette Co. home


Authorities removed nine dogs from a Fayette County home on Friday.

Only Channel 11 was there as humane officers and state troopers showed up at this home in East Millsboro.

Investigators confronted the property owner Tom Rea, and removed the dogs from the property.

“We found several dogs in one dilapidated kennel in a strong odor of urine and feces, and another dog chained on the property,” Lisa Collier, an Angels of Mercy humane police officer, said.


Investigators told Channel 11 Rea will face at least one charge of cruelty neglect, and depending on what a vet tells them about how sick the other dogs are, more charges could be filed.

Channel 11 has learned Rea is no stranger to humane officers.

“I have been here before. I was here back in 2013, as volunteer basis. We found 48 dogs and 10 cats, and removed all of them,” Collier said.

Rea told police the dogs are not his but were dumped on his property, so he started caring for them, now they will be cared for by someone else.

“All of these dogs will go to a vet, and then they will go for pet adoption league,” Collier said.

Investigators said the dogs will be put up for adoption once this case is over.



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