• Adults, pets found living in deplorable conditions

    A Westmoreland County house was condemned after officials found three adults, nine dogs and three cats living in deplorable conditions. 



    The sheriff said it was the worst case of poor living conditions that he’s ever seen for both people and animals. 
    "There's trash everywhere, inches of fecal matter on floors. Can't find a clear spot on the floor to walk through, totally deplorable conditions (and the) dogs were dehydrated," Sheriff John Held said. "This is the top. It's disgusting. It's sad. I'm an animal lover. The dog's afraid of grass. (It's) never seen grass. It's sad."
    Police initially went to the home on McChesney Road in New Alexandria to serve warrants for traffic tickets. Michael Frye, who lives in the home, said he hasn't been able to keep up with the house and the dogs, and the work just kept piling up. 
    "I have a rare artery disease," Frye said. "I was unable to do any physical work without going to the hospital."
    Frye said he loves his pets, but said it's "probably better for them anyway because I couldn't do anything. ... I could take care of them, just couldn't do the labor."
    Frye and two other adults living in the home are facing animal cruelty charges. 
    When asked if he was concerned about facing more charges over how his animals were living, Frye said, "Whatever happens, happens. Nothing I can do about it."
    All of the animals were taken to either the Humane Society or Action for Animals, where they will be prepped for adoption. 



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