• Crews working around the clock to get Heinz Field ready for playoff game


    PITTSBURGH - Heinz Field officials are working around the clock to make sure the field will be ready as the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the divisional playoff game Sunday.

    Channel 11 talked with Heinz Field officials who said the field was painted Thursday and it’s now covered with tarps, officials said.

    The field has an excellent drainage system, so field conditions shouldn't be affected. 


    Field crews have 17 tons of calcium ready to melt any ice and snow.  Crews will be out placing salt around the concourse and seating area around the clock until the game.  

    The same goes for parking lots.  They’re working with Alco to make sure conditions are safe for fans. 

    Officials said worst-case scenario, they have workers on standby to help shovel.   


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