• Drug bust also nets guns, cellphones, cash


    A confidential informant trying to buy a brick of heroin for $285 helped law enforcement officers bag two suspected heroin dealers.

    Police said Christopher McClinton and a 17-year-old were in McClinton's car driving to make the deal at the Kmart parking lot on Tarentum Bridge Road, but deputies got to them first.

    Sheriff’s deputies and state police said they found 50 stamp bags of heroin and 9 grams of cocaine on the 17-year-old, who was sitting in the passenger seat.


    Police noticed a magazine clip under his thigh, and said the teen had a stolen 9 mm gun on his waist. They also found marijuana and a scale.

    In court paperwork obtained by Channel 11, a search of McClinton revealed six more bags of heroin and some cash.  McClinton is in jail, and the 17-year-old is in the juvenile detention center.

    Investigators made two other stops that day, which led to the collection of another 560 stamp bags of heroin. All investigations are still ongoing.

    Channel 11 dug into McClinton's criminal history. He was charged in September with attempted homicide and robbery, but he posted bail in January and was released.



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