• Family rescued from home surrounded by floodwaters in Beaver County


    Fire and rescue teams rushed to LouAnne Cornelius’s Beaver County home Friday as floodwaters from the nearby Connoquenessing Creek crept closer.

    “There is not water in my house but it’s very close,” Cornelius told Channel 11.

    Only Channel 11 was there as crews pulled Cornelius’ family from the rising, soon-to-be-frozen waters to safe ground in Franklin Township.

    “It’s never happened that it’s been this cold,” Cornelius said

    McKim Way is now impassable, affecting a number of families living there who are choosing to wait for the waters to recede. 

    Cornelius was taking no chances, however. She told Channel 11 she and her husband as well as her older son, his wife and their child who live in the home next door evacuated.

    The water on the street is now almost waist deep, she said.


    “I was just hoping it didn’t get in the house because it’s a mess to clean up,” she said. “And just hoping that my husband is OK because he is handicapped.” 

    She plans to now stay spend Friday night in a hotel, get pizza and warm up.

    She says the firefighters were true heroes.

    “I just told them, ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart,’” she said. “I don’t know what we would do without them. These guys are amazing.”



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