Infant found in back seat of car after shootout, police say


PITTSBURGH - A man who was involved in a shootout in the middle of a Pittsburgh street had a baby in the car with him, according to police.

Channel 11’s Steven Fisher reported that no one was hurt in the shootout Wednesday night on Moore Avenue in Knoxville.


According to a criminal complaint obtained by Channel 11 News, Gary Gates, 21, told police that he was the victim.

The complaint said Gates told officers: "I came over here to sell some weed. When I got to Moore Avenue, one guy came out of the house and one guy came out of the woods and they tried to rob me. They started shooting at me, so I shot back."


Police said they found Gates in his Ford Fusion. The back window had been shot out and police said his 9-month-old son was in the back seat.

The complaint said the child had a cut on his cheek and chin.

Police arrested Gates. They said they found a gun, more than $2,000 and a cereal box filled with marijuana in his car.



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