• Pets, kids removed from condemned house; homeowner taken into custody


    CARRICK, Pa. - Police and humane officers raided a Carrick woman's home and took her into custody after rescuing more than a dozen cats, a couple of dogs and three children.

    The smell was overwhelming to those standing across the street and the scene was shocking even for those who deal with this every day.

    The house on Mount St. Joseph Street was labeled condemned. 

    No charges have been filed, but the homeowner was in handcuffs at one point.  Channel 11 contacted Pittsburgh police and have not heard back.

    Police served a search warrant and inside found more than a dozen cats, two dogs and three juveniles, along with the homeowner.

    It's unclear what they were searching for, but one investigator called it a deplorable scene.

    Cats could be seen wandering the street as police tried to track them down. Those that were caught were taken to the Homeless Cat Management Team in Tarentum.




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