• Warning about people trying to sell potentially stolen items at local gas stations


    CASTLE SHANNON, Pa. - A warning is being issued about a suspicious sales pitch: a couple approaching people at gas stations offering big ticket electronics for little money.

    The witness said these people promised him a brand new home theatre system, right out of the trunk of their van.

    He turned them down and they became aggressive.

    Police want to know more about the two men and a woman trying to get rid of the merchandise. 


    Castle Shannon police are investigating after a man says people were trying to sell what appeared to be stolen electronics out of a van.

    Channel 11 talked to a witness who declined the suspects' offer for a "reasonably priced brand new home theatre system."

    "I absolutely believe it was stolen," said the witness, who asked not to be identified. "Nobody's gonna sell a home theatre system at a gas station to random people."

    It happened in the Sunoco gas station parking lot along Route 88 in the middle of the day, with plenty of customers around.

    "A black van kinda sped up and came into the parking lot and some girl was like, 'Hey excuse me!'" the witness said. "'Are you interested in a home theatre system?' and I was, like, 'I'm good! I appreciate the offer, but no thank you.'"

    He said the people then became aggressive, before they drove across the street to the Shell gas station.


    "They had some guy's attention, they had the trunk open. I guess the guy got creeped out. Started to walk away and the guy (in the van) threw a gigantic fit."

    There is a very vague description of the suspects.

    Castle Shannon police confirm they will review surveillance footage from the gas stations, but no arrests have been made. 



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