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Trinity High School: 'Curtains'


Trinity High School will perform "Curtains" this year.

Show Dates:

April 10, 2014- 7:00pm

April 11, 2014- 7:00pm

April 12, 2014- 7:00pm


$10 Adults/$5 Students. Tickets will be available for purchase March 31-April 9 from 10a-2p in the Main Entrance lobby. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Cast List:

Frank Cioffi - Jordon Nutter

Niki Harris - Sidney Popielarcheck

Georgia Hendricks - Marlee DeBolt

Carmen Bernstein - Alex Haney

Aaron Fox - Griffin Unruh

Sidney Bernstein - Jack Reeves

Chris Belling - Mackenzie Martin

Bambi - Soleil Thompson

Oscar Shapiro - Mark Barrett

Bobby Pepper - Garrett Smyth

Darly Grady - Austin Cain

J. Harmon - Halee Novak

Jessica Cranshaw - Sarah Smith


Madyson Amitrone, Avery Ausher, Jamie Barton, Crystal Bender, Kera Curry, Sadie Digon, Azriel Florian, Stephanie Gabriel, Chelsea Glover, Nicholas Glover, Brittany Green, Serena Green, Macy Gross, Zack Harris, Claudia Kern, Jessica Kernan, Emily Palefsky, Searra Patterson, Allison Pauley, Jack Popielarcheck, Sarah Shaw, Lizzy Temple