• Twitter users defend soccer players accused of hazing teammate with autism


    HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - On Tuesday, Channel 11 brought you the story of Austin Babinsack, who was left crying and terrified after his soccer teammates duct-taped him to a goal post, according to the boy’s mother. 

    Now, a debate rages on social media about whether the soccer players went too far. Some Twitter users published posts with the hashtags #FreeJosh and #FreeBobby in support of the accused boys.

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    Others on social media expressed disappointment at the players' actions.





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    Some people argue that the entire issue is an overreaction to a long-standing tradition.


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    Channel 11’s Timyka Artist confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the coach of the soccer team has been placed on paid leave. 

    Police are investigating and deciding whether or not to file criminal charges.

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