• Woman apologizes for allegedly punching male nurse in face at AGH


    PITTSBURGH - A woman is apologizing for allegedly punching a male nurse at Allegheny General Hospital on New Year’s Eve. 

    Police said Amanda Martin punched an emergency room nurse.

    Martin, 24, told Channel 11 that she’s not a violent person. 

    “I would do anything for anyone.  I’ve never hurt anyone before,” she said.

    Martin said she doesn’t remember being at the hospital.

    Police said she was intoxicated, and when a male nurse tried to treat her, she became aggressive.  According to police, she punched the nurse with a closed right fist.

    “Very sorry because I would never expect someone to hit me when I’m trying to help them,” Martin said.

    Martin said she remembers having a few drinks at various bars but not enough to cause that behavior.

    She told Channel 11 that she hopes the nurse forgives her. 

    “I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry. I truly apologize for what happened that night,” Martin said.  “I will never drink again in my life.  Drinking got me put in jail, and it should never ever have happened.”

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