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Woman Hit In Candy Corn Witch Brawl Facing Charges


WEST VIEW, Pa.,None - Police have charged a woman and her friend for their involvement in a fight in a West View McDonald's drive-through.

Olivia Patterson, who claims to be the victim in the case, was charged with simple assault. Her friend Joseph Kryl is facing both simple assault and driving on a suspended license charges.

Police said the fight happened last month as the pair was waiting in line for food. Investigators said the fight began when Kryl yelled at the car in front of him saying, "I want my sandwich."

The driver of the car, Shawn Klinge, then confronted Kryl, which led to a scuffle. Police said Patterson got out car to help him, and that's when she was confronted by three women, including one woman who was dressed as a candy corn witch for Halloween.

Patterson said she was hit with a high-heeled boot, which caused her to have seizures.

The West View police chief told Channel 11 News that the charges are justified and the magistrate will have to decide whether to dismiss the charges against Patterson based on the evidence presented at the preliminary hearing.

Patterson said she has no idea why charges were brought against her and that she was the victim in the case.

Melinda Klinge, the woman accused of hitting Patterson, is also facing charges.

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