• Woman says she tried to stop stabbings at senior high rise


    SPRINGDALE, Pa. - The woman who tried to stop a stabbing rampage at a Springdale high rise spoke with Channel 11’s Courtney Brennan Tuesday.

    Linda Simmers is a grandmother who lives at Springdale Manor and is a floor monitor.

    Simmers rushed into the hallway when the emergency alarm sounded Friday.

    “I opened the door in the bedroom and all you could see was blood,” she said.

    Police said Charles Azim, 73, attacked his partner and caregiver, Shirley Barone, with a knife after an argument.

    Simmers said she pleaded with Azim to stop.

    “I said, ‘Charles, you don’t want to do this,’” Simmers explained.

    Investigators said Azim lashed out at Barone again, stabbed her friend, Penelope Spencer and punched Simmers in the head.

    The women Azim stabbed are recovering in the hospital.  Barone was just upgraded from intensive care.

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