Working to stop distribution, Greensburg PD ties marijuana to heroin epidemic


GREENSBURG, Pa. - The City of Greensburg Police Department is defending its actions to eliminate the distribution of marijuana in the community, likening marijuana to a gateway drug amid the heroin epidemic.

“Drug use and sale of various drugs are often tied together. While certainly not every marijuana user moves to heroin or other high potency drugs, more often than not people in heroin addiction are current or past users of marijuana,” the department posted Monday on its Facebook page.

The post addressed the arrest of a man Sunday who was in possession of approximately two pounds of marijuana, which police said was brought into Greensburg for intended distribution. Seizure of the marijuana was the result of the department’s ongoing investigation into heroin and marijuana trafficking in the city.

“Unfortunately, due to the heroin epidemic many people consider marijuana to be ‘harmless’ and senseless to control,” the post said. “Whatever your beliefs, two pounds of marijuana will not be distributed in the city to our children, neighbors, friends or relatives.”



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