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Beat The Bus predictions -- Week 6



Each week a random fan gets a chance to "Beat The Bus" in picking all of the Sunday and Monday games on the NFL Schedule.

If our fan wins, he will get a personally autographed Steelers FanMug from Jerome Bettis. In case of a tie, point margin in the Steelers-Jets game will serve as the tiebreaker.

This week's contestant is Shawn Ware of Pittsburgh.

Packers at Ravens
Jerome: Packers
Shawn: Packers

Bengals at Bills
Jerome: Bengals
Shawn: Bengals

Lions at Browns
Jerome: Lions
Shawn: Lions

Rams at Texans
Jerome: Texans
Shawn: Rams

Panthers at Vikings
Jerome: Panthers
Shawn: Vikings

Raiders at Chiefs
Jerome: Chiefs
Shawn: Raiders

Steelers at Jets
Jerome: Steelers by 4
Shawn: Steelers by 10

Eagles at Buccaneers
Jerome: Eagles
Shawn: No Pick

Jaguars at Broncos
Jerome: Broncos
Shawn: Broncos

Titans at Seahawks
Jerome: Seahawks
Shawn: Seahawks

Saints at Patriots
Jerome: Saints
Shawn: Patriots

Cardinals at 49ers
Jerome: 49ers
Shawn: Cardinals

Redskins at Cowboys
Jerome: Cowboys
Shawn: Cowboys

Colts at Chargers
Jerome: Chargers
Shawn: Chargers