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Carlynton High School: 42nd Street


None - Carlynton High School will be performing "42nd Street" this year.

The dates are March 24 and 26 at 7:30 and March 27 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $8 for general admission and $9 for reserved seating. Call ahead (412) 278-0645. Tickets can be bought at the door.

Cast List:

Julian Marsh – Timmy Castello

Peggy Sawyer – Jessica Black

Dorothy Brock – Lana Meyer

Billy Lawlor – J R Marshall

Bert Barry – Brandon Summers

Maggie Jones – Julia Schock

Annie Reilly – Maggie Smith

Andy Lee – Joe Uzar

Pat Denning – Connor Brady

Abner Dillon – Justin Smith

Phyllis Dale – Abby Pittinaro

Lorraine Fleming – Amanda Huddart

Gladys – Lauren McCarl

Diane – Lauren Blackwell

Ethel – Olivia Barger

Waiters – David Dedola & Josh Smith

Pickpocket – Lindsay Lawrence

Girl – Abby Rodriguez

Mac – Steven Bevan

Frankie – Aidan Kalimon

First Thug – Matt Walker

Second Thug – Seve Rodriguez

Young Man – Mark Sciubba

Doctor – Aidan Meyer

Oscar – Tyler Piper


Jennifer Bertocchi

Emily Burch

Brooke Buzza

Kaitlin Cantley

Kaylie Carini

Taylor Crown

Jessica Dietrich

Madison Gallagher

Madigan Greiner

Nathan Harlich

Rachel Hedges

Jennifer Hirschinger

Marissa Kutrufis

Brittni Moehring

Haely Mollica

Kristen Morris

Carey Ousley

April Pencosky

Elizabeth Quinn

Jessica Rave

Jacqueline Roussos

Melanie Toney

Sarah Uzar

Lauren Vogliano