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Montour diver comes out of retirement to participate in 2012 Olympics



PITTSBURGH - After missing out on the Olympics twice and even retiring from diving, former Montour star Cassidy Krug is headed to London.

Krug won the U.S. diving trials in the 3-meter platform.

"I have been dreaming about going to the Olympics since I was 3," she said at her last workout before leaving for England.

Only then, her dream was of being a gymnast and diving was just something she did on the side.

That all changed when she got to Montour high school.

"That was the period when I quit gymnastics and really started focusing on diving. The Montour years were great ones," Krug said.

Diving came naturally for Krug. Her dad is the diving coach at Pitt, and both her parents coach at the Pitt Aquatic Club.

"They have been the best coach/parents I could imagine. They were never overly pushy. Anytime I wanted to learn a new dive, it was my choice and not theirs. Probably deep down, they preferred diving over gymnastics," she said.

The Olympics will be a comeback of sorts for Krug. She retired after not making the 2008 Olympic team but realized she had some unfinished business.

"I realized that I missed it, and I was ready to come back. I was ready to go full force after those dreams that I had not achieved yet," she said.

She got back on the 3-meter platform, training five hours a day, and worked again with her old coach at Stanford University.

After winning the U.S. Trials, Krug is ready to dive into action in London.

"I can picture myself on the podium, and it's fantastic, and I can't breathe, and I'm happy. I'm so excited to have that chance," she said.

Krug plans to retire from diving after the summer games, and she hopes to do it with an Olympic medal around her neck.