Gordon Loesch

Gordon Loesch is a Channel 11 News anchor/reporter.

Gordon arrived at Channel 11 in January 2004. Born in Jacksonville, Fla., Gordon was raised in Michigan and graduated from Central Michigan University. He started his news career in 5th grade delivering newspapers!

In high school, he worked at local radio stations as a newscaster and DJ, and began his work in television at WWTV in Cadillac-Traverse City, Mich., while still in college.

Gordon worked as weekend anchor and then morning anchor at WKBN in Youngstown, Ohio, and then moved to WXYZ in Detroit, where he was a reporter and fill-in anchor.

Gordon has won numerous Emmy nominations, Michigan Association of Broadcasters, Associated Press, and Golden Quill awards in breaking news, features and best reporter categories.

Among the most memorable stories of Gordon’s career is the Western Pennsylvania flood of 2004, when he and his photographer witnessed the dramatic rescue of a deaf and physically impaired woman who was trapped in a car. A police sergeant who couldn’t swim made the rescue.

Gordon went to Rome, Italy to cover the death of Pope John Paul II, reported on Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Washington D.C., as well as the Sago Mine disaster and the Virginia Tech shooting massacre. He was one of the first reporters on the scene of the 2009 LA Fitness Shooting Spree. Gordon has also followed Pittsburgh sports fans across the country for Steelers Super Bowl games in Detroit, Tampa, and Dallas, and the Penguins’ Stanley Cup Finals in 2008 and 2009. Gordon was the only Pittsburgh television reporter in Vancouver, Canada for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. He also took to the skies to pull 9 G's with the USAF Thunderbirds during the 2010 Wings Over Pittsburgh Air Show.

Gordon is married and lives in Washington County.

If you've read this far...you should also know that Gordon likes long walks on the beach, sunny days, and double rainbows.

Latest from Gordon Loesch

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If you haven't done it, you probably know someone who has.Maybe it's because you were low on cash one week or just didn't have the time, but running out of gas is not uncommon.Channel 11's Gordon Loesch wanted to know how much time you really have when that low-fuel light ...

Blue Tooth Technology Leaves Users Open To Snoopers

A government report shows, for the first time in history, Americans are spending more money on cell phones than on land-lines.And Blue Tooth, a wireless communications system, is used on millions of those cell phones.While convenient, Channel 11's Gordon Loesch found out the technology can allow others to eavesdrop on ...

Pittsburgh Families Using Natural Remedies For Kids' Colds

In October the Federal and Drug Administration said it could not recommend giving over-the-counter cough and cold medicine to children under 6. Citing a number of studies the FDA also said the remedies didn't work and were no better than a placebo.The agency also said over-the-counter cough and cold medicine ...

More Local Women Hitting Woods In Search Of Deer

While there are fewer hunters nationwide, one group of hunters is growing: women. According to the latest U.S Fish and Wildlife Service research, 336,000 women and girls now hunt and that’s a 58 percent increase.For the Stewart family of West Newton, hunting is a family activity, one the women of ...

Local Woman Gets Refund After Mini Van Doors Open While Driving

Families buy them for room and safety, but some minivans are now scaring local drivers.Lisa Ray, of Penn Hills, said she got a sweet deal on her 2005 Chevy Uplander. She bought it new and it came with a television and all the bells and whistles.Kelly Zajicek, of Allenport, said ...

Which Malls Have The Most Crime?

From purse-snatching to stolen cars, Channel 11 checked out which malls have the most crime.Last year Channel 11 reviewed crimes reported at area malls for the three previous years.This time data from 2006 to present was gathered from the local police departments that cover the big malls in the area.Channel ...

Site Tracks Airline Ticket Prices, Helps You Save Money

Most people don't know it, but there is a way to save money on airline tickets even after you bought them.Have you bought a ticket only to find out it went on sale for less a few days later?Now there is a way to keep track of dropping ticket prices ...

Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital Sees Jump In Trauma Injuries

Children's hospital is noticing an alarming spike in the number of trauma injuries seen in its emergency room.Many of those hurt have head injuries because they didn’t wear helmets while riding bikes, skateboarding and roller blading.Doctors at Children’s said wearing a helmet can cut your risk of brain injury in ...

New Rule Puts Drunk Drivers Back On Road Quicker

On a recent night, Pittsburgh's DUI patrol was at work trying to take drunken drivers off the roadA Breathalyzer test found one 24-year-old with a blood-alcohol level of .153, almost twice the legal limit.Now when drivers are arrested for DUI part of the arrest process is missing and it has ...

School Requests Video Be Removed From YouTube

When Channel 11 News reporter Gordon Loesch went surfing YouTube for local videos he found some surprises.A violent video labeled as "Penn State students fighting" shows young people throwing punches.Another one shows girls beating each other up. The poster of the video claims it was taped in Brentwood.And there were ...

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