• 10.21.19 Commute times hit record high; More reasons to beware of full commission stock brokers;


    Americans are doing record time on the roads in traffic crawling to work. As many metros have developed by sprawl, public transit is not the answer. Solutions require behavior changes, including from employers. To increase employee happiness and retention, they need to flex on how and when you work. Allow employees to work from home at least 1 day a week. Depending on the job, work from home can be done most or all of the time. Often productivity is higher at home. Flex schedules are helpful for workers too, allowing workers to shift their hours to avoid heavy traffic. In congested cities, some are turning to electric-assist bikes, as cheap as $500, for bike lane commutes under 10 miles.
    Full commission stock brokers are often tied to giant monster mega-banks. Wells Fargo, BOA’s Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and UBS are the big 4. A recent study by Cerulli Associates found that these 4 overwhelmingly put their investors into high cost mutual funds. They are not bound by the fiduciary standard. Go to an independent fee-only financial advisor or a low-cost mutual fund company instead.
    When you allow an authorized user on your credit card, you’re creating potential hardship for yourself. The user has no responsibility for the debt they rack up. Don’t make these decisions lightly. We hear the consequences when things goes wrong.
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