'Ms. Monopoly' turns tables on game, rewrites rules so women paid more than men

New Monopoly game pays women more

"Ms. Monopoly" is rewriting the rules to the classic board game.

Hasbro's introducing the female-centric version of the property buying and selling game, by replacing the iconic male character with a female one, CNN reported.

Ms. Monopoly as she is known is Mr. Monopoly's niece, Fox Business reported.

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But getting rid of Monopoly Man, or Rich Uncle Pennybags, isn't the only difference.

When women pass go, they get $240 while male players get the standard $200.

Hasbro says this is the first game that tilts the table in favor of female players.

There are no properties to be had either.

Instead, players will be investors in products that were thought up by women like Wi-Fi and chocolate chip cookies, CNN reported.

But the special spots like jail and luxury tax will still be on the board.

To help announce the new game, Hasbro gave young female inventors and entrepreneurs about $20,580 in real cash, not Monopoly money, to help develop projects, Fox Business reported.

You can pre-order the game now and most major retailers will be carrying it later this month, company officials said.