• Preview: Keystone Oaks rehearses 'Seussical'

    By: Kim Raguza


    Keystone Oaks High School will perform the musical “Seussical” this spring.

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    The students have been working hard learning the dances, rehearsing lines and building sets for the musical. Their hard work will pay off come opening night; the audience will be wowed with whimsical sets and spot-on songs.

    At first, lead Sami Fisher, who plays the Cat in the Hat, was unsure of the musical choice.

    “I had never heard of it, but now I see that it has many scenes and qualities applicable to life,” Fisher said.

    Fisher, a six-year veteran to acting, enjoys playing The Cat in the Hat because of the diverse emotions she gets to portray.

    Director Shane P. Hallam is happy with Fisher and the rest of the cast.  He said he likes watching the students come out of their shells.  In only his second year at Keystone Oaks, it is clear that the students are flourishing under his direction and with a difficult show.

    Despite the show’s difficulty, newcomer and lead Darren Frederick shines in his role of Horton the Elephant. His challenge is getting into character because it’s not as upbeat as the other roles, Frederick said.

    Keystone Oaks students have a lot of talent, and the students have really immersed themselves into the world of theater.

    “Well, once you’re a thespian, you never go back,” said Fisher.

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