• Entertainment at WPXI's Holiday Parade - Kea Michaels


    The WPXI Holiday Parade is excited to welcome up and coming singer Kea Michaels to our parade this year! To define Kea Michaels, one must be prepared to experience an emotionally charged performance of being wrapped in her smoky and soulful storytelling vocals.  Her words and sound proposes an acoustical cry that echoes the raw and brazen situations of urban life.  She expresses the emotions of life by delivering lyrics that mirrors the highs and lows of life.  Kea’s mission is to change the lives of everyone who hears her smooth and classic voice by conveying a sense of hope in disturbing times. 

    WPXI's 37th annual Holiday Parade

    Kea is building a base of faithful listeners who provide her with the inspiration she needs to create more soul stirring music and write thought-provoking poetry.  Kea has this incredible technique of bringing her music, band and the audience together for a surprising yet delightful love relationship that stirs the senses; moves the body and satisfies the soul of each listener. To find out more about Kea please visit, http://keamichaels.com/.

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